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Guys are ALWAYS rejected because of this:

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So don’t do it!

What you have to do instead is to mess with her mind a little…

Example: At the end of the first date…

As you’re putting your date in the taxi, or dropping her off at her house, lean in for the kiss…  *but go straight for her cheek.*

Don’t even try for the lips.

Then pull away, look her dead in the eyes, and with a wry little smile on your face, say…

“I had a great time with you tonight.  We might just have to do this again some time.”

And leave it at that.  Don’t say “I hope I see you again” or try to get her to commit to another date.

What I found – because it’s what every woman told me – is that by doing this, it leaves her guessing:

“Does he like me?”

Guy NervousWhen a guy gets nervous and fumbles the kiss… or when he goes straight for the kiss on the lips… she knows what’s up.  No more mystery.  She thinks…

“Ok, he likes me. I could have him if I wanted him. The power is mine.”

But when YOU are the one to go for the kiss on the cheek, and you wryly tell her that “maybe” you’ll have to hang out again, it leaves an unanswered question in her mind.

So she’s thinking about you for the rest of the night… and the next day.

Believe it or not, this uncertainty actually feels REALLY good for her.  The emotional ups and downs release an addictive chemicals in her brain (dopamine) that she associates with you.

(think of your last crush on a girl.  you weren’t certain if she liked you or not… but every time you heard from her and got a “hint” that she might feel the same way about you, you got a rush of positive emotions.  addictive, right?)

And the more she’s thinking about YOU – the more that you take up space in her mind – the more “addicted” and “obsessed” she becomes.

And if you start doing stuff like this, you’ll be the one who’s in control of the entire dating process.

Because you’re using principles of psychology that evolution has wired her to be attracted to.  It doesn’t matter who your competition is – if other guys aren’t doing this stuff, you’ll win, plain and simple!

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