How To Attract Women

As a guy who used to spend a lot of time worrying about this very question, I can assure you that there’s no way around it.

There are many men that fail initially when learning how to attract women because they rush in and try to get a date or the woman’s telephone number without proper conversation first. It is important that when you are learning the ways to attract women that you take things slowly.

You must learn how to approach and converse with a woman you’re interested in because if you don’t make it past this first hurdle then you can guarantee that the race is over.

According to, attraction is a biological process. It’s emotional, not intellectual. Or, maybe I should say that a woman can become intellectually attracted to you, but emotional attraction has to happen first.

Most of the time, I see men attempting to convince a woman that she should be attracted to him. However, attraction doesn’t work this way. In a biological standpoint, when attraction works, it starts in the reptilian brain, deep within the center, and slowly radiates out to the frontal lobe.

When a man tries to intellectualize a woman into being attracted to him, he’s approaching the process in reverse, and trying to drive attraction in from the frontal lobe backwards into the center. That doesn’t work.

So, what sparks attraction in the reptilian brain? Simple: when she observes traits in you that are highly correlated with good genes.

As the matter of fact, you can’t control whether someone is attracted to you or not, but you can control(to an extent) how attractive you are in general.

Physical Appearance
Work out, lose weight, hair style and tidyness. If you are fat and can’t do anything about it, then you ave to boost all the other attributes that much more. Humans are pretty darn shallow, regardless of gender. If you look like a young prince you get young prince zones.

Potential Growth or Appreciation in Personal Value
Get a job (decent paying), a good car, a nice place to live , and a reputation amongst friends for being the most eligible bachelor to be around. Word travels.

Giving Attention
Unless you are looking for sex buddies, otherwise you need to show interest in her communication more than just her body. You must at least appear interested if you want women to find you interesting.

When you start a conversation with a woman be a good listener and speak in a timely manner. Do not interrupt when she speaks. Usually woman like talking about something she likes and finds very exciting. Listen and pay attention when she is expressing her feelings.

Asking questions or providing comments on the discussion will let them know you appreciate what they have to say and aren’t just talking to them because of their looks.

Excitement and Challenge
You must also keep in mind that what attracts a woman is not always what keeps her around.  This confuses a lot of men.  Women love the chase.  And even after you have sparked her interest, you’ll still need to do things to get her chasing you. Keep on giving her excitement and surprise which she never thought of. You got to be a bit unpredictable.

Basically, above are the important traits I can think of right now and I would like to share with you a video by my mentor Carlos Xuma over here – The 4 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid.


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