This Instantly Kills Attraction In Women (Do NOT Do This)

Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a woman you’re attracted to, and you think everything is going well ?

and she excuses herself to the bathroom (or whatever) and you never see her again.  Doesn’t it piss you off?  Doesn’t it seem unfair?  What the hell happened?

What happened is that you didn’t know THIS:


The truth is, having long, polite conversations with women does not make them attracted to you. Spending more time with them and telling them all about yourself does not work.  You’ve already tried that, remember?

My buddy discovered a “magic” technique that instantly triggers intense sexual attraction in a woman. Once he figured this out, his whole life with women changed…

  • The women that used to ignore him now can’t stop hanging all over him.
  • The women who said “let’s just be friends” suddenly became interested in him.
  • The women who used to politely excuse themselves now make excuses to stay IN the conversation with him.

All because of this “magic” technique!

And the best part?  The technique takes only 3 seconds to use. I know it sounds crazy, but my buddy has proven that it works with guys all over the country, and now he’s agreed to share it with my readers.

He just put up a video about it, so check this out ASAP:


Click here to watch the video…


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