How to Impress a Girl and Make Her Fall for You

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a car, good looks, a big house and a fat bank account to impress women. Some of the men out there with gorgeous girlfriends didn’t even have to use any of these things to meet and date their current girlfriends.

In fact, thinking that a man may have used money to get a woman just because you think the man isn’t attractive enough to impress any woman with his looks is nothing more than sour graping. It’s about time you learned these men’s secrets and used them to your own advantage.

So, we start with the questions. What did they do? How could they have gotten so successful in dating when they’re as average as you are?

First of all, they had the confidence to approach women regardless of the nagging voice of insecurity inside their mind. Making a good impression starts from afar, like when you walk into a room and a woman zeroes in on you because you look like you own the place or you have something about you that she finds attractive.

This kind of attention is fleeting at best, and she is sure to find something else to focus on if you don’t maximize the effect of your first impression. Therefore, in order to impress a girl and make her want to go out with you, you have to be close enough to start a conversation.

So, what can you do to impress her, if you have just approached her and eager to start talking the talk?

Here are some tips.

Be confident about the way you look. Attraction, at least initially, is always physical. But this doesn’t mean she will be asking to look at your six pack abs. A woman may not be basing her physical qualifications for a potential date according to your weight to height ratio.

Most women nowadays understand that real men, meaning the guys they are likely to meet if they’re not Paris Hilton, are not built like Greek gods. A love handle here and there, or a shorter stature height, may not be an issue for her. But you have to distinguish yourself from the rest of the guys around her somehow.

Good taste is something that you develop. You reek of it, if you have it. Good taste shows in the way you address the bartender, in the way you choose your clothes and in the way you start a conversation.

If being a bad boy is your game (because you heard somewhere that being too nice will not get you laid), you still have to start with a few pleasantries that will show her that you have good taste.

If you bought her a drink, for example, order a glass to go with it. Even if you have never met the bartender in your life, you should address him by his first name (on his nametag) when you ask for the drinks menu.

When you have to squeeze into the bar stools in between other people, be polite. All these things convey your manners and the way you interact with others. She notices everything, and all these actions will factor into her regard for you.

Among so many methods I discovered, I feel that I am more tune to the way it was explained in this video.

It is just 4 minutes play time, check it out …

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