[Infographic] Friend to Girlfriend

I know how it feels. The both of you probably have something great going on; you absolutely love hanging out, being together with her, beyond a shadow of a doubt…

She feels the same too… she likes you, but ONLY as a friend. You seemed cool about it, but beneath that external façade, deep-rooted within your inner gut, you know you want something ‘much more’ than that.

Truth is, your heart longs to get past the “friends” stage and be that guy she “falls for” more than anything else… and you’re probably shaking your head, confused as hell and feeling terribly unsure on what to do to progress to the ‘next level’ with her. Progressing from friend to girlfriend seems to be an impossible task.

You Feel Like You’re About To EXPLODE

You’re falling madly for her… you just know she’s “the one”… the one who causes your palms to sweat, your heart to beat faster, and your stomach to flip whenever you hear her voice, smell her perfume, or even sense her being nearby.

“The one”.

And as your affection for her grows stronger by the day, so does your feelings of insecurity … mainly because you couldn’t tell whether or not she felt the same way.

Yet at the same time, like a jittery, scorching hot pressure cooker dying to blow its top, it’s tearing you apart, more than you even care to admit… as you become more self-conscious and uneasy around her, fearing you might just “screw things up” if you confessed your true feelings for her.

While we’re on the subject, check out the Friend To Girlfriend’ infographic on loading time on how to solve this (click to enlarge).


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